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Public Meeting Speaker Request

Rules for Public Comment

The following rules apply to any individual who wishes to speak before the Franklin County Board of Commissioners during General Session meetings:

  1. This form must be filled out completely and submitted to the Clerk of the Board prior to the 9 A.M. start of general session. Late or incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  2. Speakers will limit their remarks to three (3) minutes. A maximum of three (3) speakers will be permitted to speak in support of a resolution; a maximum of three (3) speakers will be permitted to speak in opposition to a resolution.
  3. Speakers may only speak on General Session agenda items.
  4. Speaker remarks may not contain obscenity, commercial advertising, defamation or slander, nor will speakers conduct themselves in violation of the “Disorderly Conduct” or the “Disturbing a Public Meeting” provision of the Ohio Revised Code. All comments will be directed to the Board of Commissioners. Permission to speak may be denied or terminated if remarks are disrespectful or antagonistic. General Session is not an adversarial proceeding.

The Clerk of the Board will present speaker slips to the President of the Board in the order received.

Please read the “Rules for Public Comment” above, prior to completing this form.
Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Please indicate whether you are For or Against the resolution here.